The third generation of our Spotter platform includes an array of new features, including cellular connectivity. An onboard broadband cellular modem with global coverage allows for 1000x more data to be transmitted at a fraction of the cost. This increases sampling frequency, unlocks over-the-air firmware updates, and enables higher bandwidth data modes. Spotter’s new cellular capability will add to — not replace — its existing Iridium satellite connection.

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User Interface




Your cellular-equipped Spotter will communicate over a present and consistent cellular network. Generally speaking, if you are able to send and receive SMS messages with a cellular phone from a location, your Spotter will also be able to communicate over cellular from that location. The best way to confirm that your Spotter has cellular connection is to ensure that the Signal LED is green at the point of deployment. Regional factors such as tower elevation, network consistency, and local weather will affect connection strength.

Cellular Signal

Your Spotter will display its current cellular status within the dashboard.

Note: If no icon appears, the Spotter is not a cellular Spotter.



SIM Card

Your cellular-equipped Spotter is powered by a flexible platform created by Blues Wireless. Blues Wireless delivers connectivity over a wide range of networks and bandwidths using a pre-provisioned global embedded SIM card.At this time, third party and user-installed SIM cards are not compatible with Spotter. If this is a requirement for your use case, please contact us at [email protected]. Spotter’s cellular capability will, generally, be compatible with one or more major carriers in the following countries/regions: